Mengenang Sahabat Sains Terbuka dan Merawat Gagasannya

Juneman Abraham
3 min readApr 11, 2021

Tim Sains Terbuka Indonesia turut berpartisipasi dalam Jon Tenants Memorial Day, pada 9 April 2021.

Sumber presentasi Set Them Free:

Saya menyampaikan pandangan tentang warisan Jon Tennant, sebagai berikut:

Thank you, Erwin.

Hi friends! I am Juneman Abraham.

I am the Head of Research & Publication Division of the Indonesian Psychological Association,

I am also an Associate Professor of Social Psychology at Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jon was an advocate of open science who, paradoxically and interestingly, constantly did self-criticism of the concept and movement of open science.

The open science that he formed, developed, and socialized is a true open science, which is beautifully protected from the “counterfeit open science”-deriving from current practices of neoliberalism.

Let us reflect on one of his last articles entitled Fixing the Crisis State of Scientific Evaluation. One of his most important legacy is his political insistence that we need to “police the police”, we need to “police the metric vendors” by imposing our own regulation to them — based on what we value most about science and society.

He also strongly reminds us to approach the knowledge economy differently by fostering a more compassionate, dialogical, catch-all, and bullying-free research culture.

Dikutip persis dari Deskripsi Youtube kegiatan ini:

Jonathan Tennant, PhD, was a paleontologist, an Open Scholarship activist and advocate, a founder of Open Science MOOC (open educational platform), PaleorXiv (open publication platform), he was an author of numerous books, scientific articles, public talks and presentations for science reformation. He inspired a lot of people to join the movement for better science. Jon tragically died on the 9th of April 2020 in Bali. One year later his family, friends, colleagues and supporters remember his legacy and life.

Time code:
3:26 — Intro from Rebecca Tennant, Jon’s sister
5:10 — One minute of silent reflection in memory of Jon
6:10 — Rebecca speaking about Jon as a person and brother
13:24 — Sarah Tennant, Jon’s sister, talks about Jon
16:58 — Nathan Harvey about Jon as a friend
32:24 — Sarah about Jon’s passion in palaeontology
37:41 — Jon appeared on SkyTV news episode about Dippy the Dinosaur
40:59 — Dean R Lomax about Jon as palaeontologist and Open Science activist
44:11 — Jon presenting his PhD project at Progressive Palaeontology event (2015)
51:57 — Sarah about Jon’s Open Science activism for better science
1:03:02 — Jon Tennant’s presentation for DARIAH-EU about Open Science
1:44:11 — How Jon inspired Etienne LeBel for his projects
1:53:17 — Paola Masuzzo’s presentation about inclusion in academia and slow science (dedicated to Jon)
2:21:18 — Indonesia Open Science team video (Indonesia Open Science Team: Dasapta Erwin Irawan, Juneman Abraham, Surya Darma Hamonangan Dalimunthe and Afrilya)
2:30:48 — One of the last Jon Tennant’s presentation in October 2019
3:30:47 — Rebecca talking about cancel culture and how Jon became a victim of it Testimonials:
3:39:24 — Glenn Hampson
3:46:15 — Jadranka Stojanovski
3:52:08 — Stephanie Dawson
3:55:52 — Joy Owango
3:59:04 — Brian Nosek
4:01:05 — Björn Brembs
4:03:31 — Iryna Kuchma
4:07:09 — Helene Brinken
4:07:36 — Jon’s interview for FOSTER Open Science
4:08:50 — Wojciech Francuzik
4:09:24 — Julien Colomb
4:11:09 — Daniel Bernsson
04:11:32 — Monica Gonzalez-Marquez
04:14:31 — Elena Giglia
04:17:40 — Rebecca about last months of Jon’s life
04:22:10 — Meditation video from Jon
04:32:51 — Rebecca’s final word
04:36:32 — One minute of silent reflection in memory of Jon